You are currently viewing A short hike to the Orta River. An idea if you don’t have to much time in Abruzzo, Italy.
The beautiful colour of the Orta River.

A short hike to the Orta River. An idea if you don’t have to much time in Abruzzo, Italy.

The beautiful colour of the Orta River.


I was looking forward to hiking in Abruzzo, even so I had already visited it and had some good walks.

It offers many scenic paths for more or less experienced hikers. Trekking in Abruzzo is a great alternative for anyone who doesn’t want to bake on the beach. Wild nature, beautiful views,  people, fresh air,  a possibility of an encounter with a  bear….
When I went there in June, this  beautiful region  welcomed us with hot, muggy weather. Even shrouded in fog, the Abruzzo Mountains were as great as ever.

We stayed  in Musellaro, a wee sleepy place with several  houses, one bar,  and nothing else. Fortunately,  it is easy to get from there to the surrounding towns such as Bolognano, Torre de Paser Ponte di Salle etc. 

We did shopping in Torre De’ Passeri and ate in Abbateggio and Caramico Terme.

Be careful though as driving in the mountains can be a bit tricky because GPS  was often freezing, so we happened to drive around trying to find our way.  Luckily, you can always count on the locals. Provided you come across one of them.

Because of the limited time, we decided that our first walk in Abruzzo had to be short thus we did a path to Cisterna del Fiume Orta. You can have a longer walk along another beautiful river though.

A sign showing the way to the river

                                                                                       A sign showing the way.

The path goes through the forest and that I felt a surge of energy just thinking about a walk in the shade. The euphoria was short-lived because it turned out that even in the forest was hot and humid.

The route is about 3-4 km long and goes down to the river. We also wanted to see the Punto panoramico cisterna, but this part of the path was closed down due to a fatal accident that happened some time ago.

The path sign.
                                                        Where to go?

The air was sticky so once we got to the end of the path I wished it was possible to spend a few minutes sitting in the river enjoying the refreshing water.

Sadly (or not)bathing or wading in the river is forbidden due to the protection of the mini-creatures and plants living in it.

And I actually agree with this rule. Honestly, I am pissed off by the tendency to go everywhere because it’s cool, or to do anything because it’s so cool. I believe that the mini-creatures and plants that live in the water did well without my feet treading on the stones in the river. Nature deserves respect.

The Orta River sourrounded by trees and rocks.
                                                 The Orta River flows through the picturesque landscape.

Of course, not everyone obeys this rule as there was an English family with children having a bath. It was boiling hot  I thought it would be nice to cool off in the river, but I try to be a responsible tourist

Standing on the rocks and trying to take a shot of the Orta River.
                                                         Trying to take a nice shot.

The Orta River is scenic, but there is no path along it.  After walking a few meters we decided to go back to the town. Puffing and wiping sweat from our faces, we climbed up. Some parts of the path were surprisingly slippery, so it was a good idea to put on trekking shoes.

After crawling up, we reached a fountain with cold mountain water, which is at the beginning of the route.

I am enjoying drinkable water from the fountain.
                              I’m enjoying the cool mountain water from the fountain.

The path takes between 1h – 1.30 h, depends on your speed. The route is a good choice for a short walk and spend some pleasant time in nature. It’s also a good warming up before longer and more demanding hiking in Abruzzo.  

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