You are currently viewing Monte Sant’Angelo – a UNESCO heritage site with an amazing view.
One of the street in Monte Sant' Angelo.

Monte Sant’Angelo – a UNESCO heritage site with an amazing view.

If you fancy an amazing view of the Gulf of Manfredonia from a UNESCO heritage site, you should consider visiting Monte Sant’ Angleo in the Gargano Mountains. From my balcony, I can see in the evenings the flickering lights of the town, which looks really lovely.


A view on the sea and the gulf on Manfredonia
The Manfredonia Gulf seen from Monte Sant’ Angelo.

I don’t think I’d like to live there, but I like visiting the town from time to time.
Monte Sant ‘Angleo is just 25 km from Manfredonia, but because the road goes up and through the mountains,  driving to the city can take even over an hour.

I like atmospheric Monte Sant’ Angleo.

It’s nice to wander around the medieval streets with luned-up white houses.

A narrow street between white houses and clue blue clothes hanging on the line between houses.
One of the street in Monte Sant’ Angelo.


The town is full of narrow alleys and flights of steps, sharp corners, and sudden magnificent views of the sea far below.

White homes with balconies
A street.

The town is pretty touristic, what you can feel in the air and see, as it’s full of souvenir shops

However Monte Sant’ Angelo it’s a lovely town, the main reason why people come there is St Michael’s Sanctuary.

People standing in a churcg that in a cave
Sant Michele Sanctuary. 


This underground cave church is a must for catholic pilgrims. About 2 million of them visit it every year. I am not a believer, but I think even people like me can find it interesting.
The church has, almost like everything in Italy, a long history. It’s also a precious evidence of Lombard art in Italy. The local legend says the Archangel Michael choose the place to appear several times during the year 490 AD to a local bishop near a cave. He promised to protect the place against pagan invaders and asked the biskop to dedicate the vave to him. To see the place the Archangel appeared, you have to get down to the Sacra Grotta (Holy Cave). Over the next centuries around the cave church, a sanctuary has been built.  All possible pilgrims prayed in the church after walking thousands of kilometers to pay homage to the Archangel Saint.

An interesting fact is that the Monte Sant’ Angelo pilgrims track is the South Eastern stretch of the Via Francigena, the pilgrim’s path that joined Rome to Canterbury and Santiago de Compostela, and continued  to the Apulian post of Santa Maria di Leuca, where ships would set sail, bound for the Holy Land.

The Basilica of San Michele is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s also undoubtedly the symbol of Monte Sant’Angelo and not the only thing to see in the town.

From the church, you can visit Junno which is the oldest district in Monte Sant’Angelo.

Old White houses stnding at different levels
The white houses of Junno.


The center was developed in the sixth century around the sanctuary and retains a typically medieval urban structure. The district is mainly made up of single-family homes located at different levels and aligned along steep and winding streets. I won’t make headlines if I say the Junno is fascinating to visit.

white housess stoned street and a white tower in the church you can see between the houses
A street of Junno.

What else you can see in the town?

Walking around Monte Sant’  Angelo is hard not to spot the castle. I wouldn’t say is a must to see it, but I like it. It remembers Lombards, then the Norman rules. The ticket costs 2 euros, so it’s very cheap. You can go around the castle and the walls and enjoy the view from it.

walls and a buiding of a medieval castle
The castle.


There are a few museums in Monte Sant’ Angelo, but I have never been to any of them. I’m guessing they are pretty interesting to visit, as the town has a long past.

I don’t need to add that Monte San’t  Angelo as a pretty tourist place is full of restaurants and bars. It might be difficult to find something open during winter though. If you visit the town, pay attention to its typical (huihe) bread. It’s tasty and the town is famous for it.

Large roaund loads of bread on a standing with italian descriptions
Bread that has made Monte Sant’ Angelo famous.

I like Monte Sant’ Angelo for its atmosphere. Additionally every time I’m there, I discover something that I hadn’t seen before. If you like trekking, there are tracks to do around the town and in Foresta Umbra.

Many white houses standing on the hill.
Monte Sant’ Angelo.


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