You are currently viewing 6 reasons, why you should consider Vieste in Gargano as a great holiday destination in Puglia.

6 reasons, why you should consider Vieste in Gargano as a great holiday destination in Puglia.

There are at least 6 easons why Vieste is the most popular summer destination in Gargano, Puglia Italy.  Located nearby to beaches and Foresta Umbra offers many things to do for active and sloths.

Reason no 1 – beaches

I love Vieste and its long, sandy and usually windy beaches, so it’s not hot there. That’s why I push my partner to go there almost every Saturday in summer. The coast is several kilometers long, so you can always find a spot with fewer sunbathers.
Vieste is a great holiday destination for families with children. The sea is shallow, so children can splash in the water with no   problems without stressing their parents. And sand. Children can rummage in it and build up  all kinds of buildings, 
Due to the relentless winds, Vieste is a paradise for lovers of water sports. There you can practice (and learn) windsurfing, kiteboarding etc. I really believe the beaches of Vieste are one of the best in Puglia. 

Seeing from above a long sandy beach with sunbeds and umbreallas and white nuildings and mountains in the background.
One of the sandy beaches in Vieste.

Reason no 2 – views

 Two treats await the snappers on the way to Vieste. The first is the picturesque limestone arch of San Felice, naturally formed by water and wind. The second is Pizzomunno, a 25m high white monolith. The white rock is just before entering Vieste and it’s the symbol of the town.

A rocky arch covered with vegetation standing in the blue sea
San Felice Arch – one of the most photographed spots in Gargano, Puglia.


There is a legendary love story connected with the rock. Two youngsters, a girl named Cristalda and, a boy called Pizzomuno loved each other a lot.  As always in love stories, the girl was incredibly beautiful.  And the boy was tall and strong. Pizzomuno  worked hard every day catching fish. Mermaids living in the sea liked him very much and wanted to seduce him. However, the loyal Pizzomunno was not at all interested in being their lover. Therefore jealous mermaids decided to get rid of their rival and dragged Cristalda into the sea. Of course she died and suffering from pain and despair Pizzomuno turned into a rock. According to the legend, the lovers meet up every 100 years to spend one night together. The love of Cristalda and Pizzomunio is also remembered by the heart-painted staircase that is located on the way to the city center.

A white high monolie st standing between the see and greenery.
Pizzomuno, the symbol of Vieste.


Watch the road carefully while driving along the coast as you can spot trabbuccho, They’re ancient wooden fishing machines with long arms that support the net.Trabucci are a popular subject of artists and craftsmen, so you can find find their thumbnail in souvenir shops. They are they are also ‘a must have’ decoration in every fish restaurant in Gargano. Some of the trabucchi are still used as intended today, and some have been turned into fancy restaurants.  And some are decaying.

Reason no 3 – Vieste is a charming town rich .

Vieset is rich in restaurants, cafes and bars. There’re also some sights to see, for example the castle (from inside), that is now used by the Italian Navy. Porta ad Al, which was the main entrance to the town, is just next to it. In the heart of Vieste you can visit the Cathedral of St. Maria Assunta from the XI century.

You can also pop into a small museum (Museo Malacologico) with a stunning collection of shells and other marine artifacts from Italy and abroad.

A small building with a signature museo, decorated with z garland of flags stands in a square.
The museum full of shells from Italy and abroad.


Their beautiful patterns, and sizes just blown me away. I’m not sure whether the museum should sell dead seahorses or starfish though. Apart from a weird thing in my opinion, I really liked the exhibition. It’s definitely worth visiting this little museum and spending some time there. However, please note that opening hours may vary depending on the season. The museum does not have a website, but the opening hours are displayed by google.

Reason no 4 – the Old Town 

A white old town standing on the rock overlooking the sea.
The charming old town in Vieste, Gargano.


The mnedieval old town is a really lovely  part of Vieste with irregular alleys and terraced houses with small balconies. Small arches connect the houses in narrow streets. It is worth walking around this part of Vieste, sitting on a bench in the main square, drinking a coffee, visiting one of the restaurants and soaking up the summer atmosphere of the city.

Reson no 5 – the caves  

Boat trips along the Gargano coast are pretty popular among visitors. to Vieste. The caves are the result of the power of water and wind. There are about 20 of them, they were iscovered in 1954 by two fishermen. For a long time no one was particularly interested in them, only with the influx of tourists, the caves became an attraction. In the city center and in the harbor you will find companies offering excursions along the coast. I think it’s a cool thing and thanks to the perceptive gentlemen, we can enjoy the amazing view of white caves and blue water.


Reason no 6 – Foresta Umbra 

One of my favourites in Gargano, Puglia Italy. It’s a cool place, especially if you want to escape the heat. Umbra means “shaded’. It’s a proper name for this forest if we take into account its dense vegetation. I love its shamelessly tall trees, summer greenery and wonderful colors in autumn. There are paths in the forets, so you can have a short or longer walk, cycling or jogging.  Or just a picnic by the lake. Foresta Umbra is home to several species of wild animals; I have seen and fed deers there. There are also wild cats, foxes, badgers, magpies, owls and dormice, but it’s pretty hard to come across them.


I’m nearly sure that Vieste is one of my favorite places in Gargano, Puglia Italy. The town is bustling in summer, but off-season is rather sleepy. I think most of the little summer towns have the same problem. Once we went there in May and almost everything was closed. After walking around the town trying to find a place to eat, we finally found one open restaurant (Molo54) in the port. Hungry, but happy that something was open, we had a tasty lunch with a very fancy dessert.








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