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Jezioro boksytowe w Salento.

An unusual place to visit in Salento: the bauxite lake in Ontranto.

If you have already seen everything in Salento, it’s time to visit one ususual place there. The bauxite lake that is located nearby Otranto. The lake  is pretty popular among locals and not very well known by others. People go there to take a great shot or just to have a nice walk enjoying suprising colours and scenery.

Amll blue lake sourrounden by cloforful slopes
The bauxite lake in Salento.


How to get to the lake.

The lake is easily reachable. To get to the  an old mine that has turned into one of the most unique lakes, you can drive, it takes less than 10 min. You can leave your car on a paid parking.  You can also go there on feet from Otranto. It’s just around 2 km long walk.

The mine in Salento was discovered in 1940  and abandoned in the 70s.

For 30 years the mine provided jobs wo locals people. Then, due to the high cost of bauxite mining, it was abandoned in 1976.  With time the underground water filled the mine holes and created a turquoise-green lake. The beautiful colour of the water comes from the bauxite at the bottom of the reservoir. Combined with the high red-orange heaps of soil surrounding the lake, it creates an extraordinary landscape, a bit like from another planet. Only the presence of people and plants growing here and there reminds us that we’re still on Earth. If you step onto one of the tall heaps, you’ll see the blue of the sea on the horizon behind the lake. 

Colorful slopes surrounding the lake
                                                                                       Colorful slopes surrounding the lake.


I believe this is one most unusual places in Salento, and for sure it’s one of the most unique places in Salento. The water in the lake is turquoise green what combined with the colorful slopes surrounding it, gives amazing scenery.

Red, orange and green colours of the bauxite lake.
                                                                                       Red, orange and green colours of the lake.


Of course, the lake is not suitable for swimming. If you want to swim, it’s better to choose one of many beautiful beaches in Puglia.  I think it is best to go there in the late afternoon when the setting sun illuminates the area and gives the  colours even more beautiful shades.  


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