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Meat or caciocavallo – what and where to eat in Castelpetroso, Molise.


What and where to eat is always a question.  The owner of the b&b we were staying in Castelpetroso, Molise recommended a few restaurants nearby and some farther. We decided to go to one she suggested that was maybe 10 min by car, so still in Castelpetroso. After a long day (you can read about it here) we were hungry, even if it was rather early. Italians, especially in the South, tend to have late dinner. I prefer eating earlier, maximum at 8 pm.

In that evening we were the first customers in Donna Carmela in Castelpetroso. 

white tables and chair standing between white walls in the restaurant
A bright interior of Donna Carmela restaurant in Castelpetroso.


The  bright inside restaurant  was opened just 18 months ago. It was almost brand new place to eat in Castelpetroso.  I liked the simple and light interior with cottage chic suggesting that everything here is freshly homemade. 


a blue chair with a pot of flowers standing on it and just behinbd it there is a matching colour small bookshelf with some bottles standing just above it
Cottage chic definitely adds charm.


The menu wasn’t very long, which was good, because I never know what to choose if there are many dishes in it.

The restaurant serves the dish of the day, typical for Castelpetroso, and we decided to try them.

Written in Italian on a small white board menu with three position based on a white wall
Meals on the day.


Mauro started with mushroom soup.

A white plate and a dark bowl on it with mushroom soup inside
Mushroom soup.


I had riavioli di borragine.

on the white plate there is riavioli with a few strips of cheese and three green leaves
Ravioli with ricotta.


My ravioli had ricotta and spinach inside. It was served with butter, grated lemon peel, a few strips of cheese, and bitter green leaves. Ravioli was really tasty, Mauro was also happy with his choice.

As a second plate, Mauro had pork with gravy sauce.

 Again he enjoyed it very much. I had caciocavallo, which is cheese. I love cheese, however, I am not a fan of caciocavallo, but because I don’t eat meat, it was the only option I had.

Whatpisses me off  at Italian restaurants is the poor choice of meals for people who don’t eat meat. Usually, you have to have cheese, which is  crazy as Italy with all varieties of fruits and vegetables could be a paradise for vegetarians. The concept of vegetarianism is totally beyond Italians understanding. Maybe not all Italians, but the majority of restaurants owners for sure, so if you don’t eat meat, eat cheese.

Anyway, my grilled caciocavallo was served with an egg and truffles. It tasted interesting, but I don’t think I would eat it again.

Wtite plate wit a piece of round grilled cheese with an egg on it.
Caciocavallo with en egg and truffles.


We finished our dinner with delicious warm ricotta and chocolate cake, and then we had liqueur for better digestion of course .

Many bottles with alcohol standing on a white wall shelf.
Donna Caramela has a pretty nice selection of liqueurs, also homemade ones.


We also had ½ l red wine and a bottle of water with our meals.

A bottle with red wine inside
Home wine is served in nice bottles.


We spend 64 euro, which  was a reasonable price. I think it was a good idea to eat in Castelpetroso.
If you want to experience a real Italian restaurant atmosphere in the South, you should have dinner after 9p por even later. When we finished, more or less after 2 hours and were ready to go, Italians started coming in.

Pros: a nice interior, good food and not oversized meals/portions, a nice owner
Con: a middling service, very quiet. A bit of cameral music would do a trick.

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